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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the largest artery in the body and why?

Answers. The largest artery in the human body is the aorta. It carries oxygenated blood to the whole body from the heart. It starts at the left ventricle of the heart, and at the bottom of the abdominal cavity, it branches off into two arteries called the common iliac arteries....

What are the characteristics of an artery?

Characteristic Features of Arteries: Arteries are thick-walled, being uniformly thicker than the accompanying veins, except for the arteries within the cranium and vertebral canal where these are thin. Their lumen is smaller than that of the accompanying veins, Arteries have no valves.

Why do arteries have high pressure?

Pressure in arteries is high because blood is actively forced into arteries by the pumping of heart hence pressure in arteries is very high while in veins blood is not powered by the pumping of heart hence the pressure of blood in veins is less than that of arteries.

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