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Frequently Asked Questions

Are CFMOTO ATVs any good?

Damping is good and the handling is confidence inspiring especially for new riders. Stability and precision are very good for this type of entry / midrange level ATV. Just don’t expect the same level of ride quality as it’s larger 800 and 1000cc siblings. Steering has always been a little fuzzy with CFMoto ATVs in the past.

Will CFMOTO pay for a new motor?

Desired outcome: CFMOTO to pay for new motor. The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Where are CFMOTO motorcycles made?

Based in Plymouth, Minn., CFMOTO USA has been producing ATVs, Side-by-Side vehicles, motorcycles and scooters for American customers since 2002. You can find CFMOTO vehicles at more than 310 dealers across the country. From it’s Hangzhou, China headquarters, CFMOTO produces some 300,000 vehicles per year for more than 70 countries.

What happened to CFMOTO?

No longer are they the intriguing yet largely unknown models mostly seen at powersports expos, the brand and product line have evolved. Today the CFMoto lineup features a full compliment of ATVs and UTVs designed for work and play, and each comes with features that are normally considered “extras” on traditional brands.

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