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Frequently Asked Questions

What ATV is right for me?

The Yamaha Kodiak 450 is a great ATV for your rides in the woods and comes at a great price. It is easy to operate with the handlebars and suitable for persons of any size. The 2018 edition has a power steering system, making it easy for you when operating the vehicle. With an engine capacity of 421cc, you can do a lot with this vehicle.

Should I buy an ATV or UTV?

UTV’s are a lot more customizable than ATVs. You can add lift kits, new suspensions, lighting systems, cabin heaters, stereo systems and much more. Those more concerned about safety will likely be more comfortable in a UTV. Due to their design, UTVs are more stable and easier to control.

What is the best ATV trail in Colorado?

Colorado ATV Trails: White River National Forest Some of the best Colorado ATV Trails can be found in the White River National Forest. Home to Vail Ski Resort, Beaver Creek Resort, Copper Mountain,and nine other ski resorts, the White River National Forest is the busiest and most traveled national forest in the United States.

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