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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I login to my CareerSafe account?

If you already have a CareerSafe account, just enter your login information on the right and click Login. CareerSafe® Online allows teachers and administrators to provide a cost effective, fully integrated and self-administered OSHA 10-Hour training course to students ages 16-24.

What is the CareerSafe program?

The CareerSafe online program is the first of its kind. It's an entirely online, built from the ground up learning experience that's available any time, and from anywhere. With over 2 million students trained across all 50 states, it is CareerSafe's ultimate goal to ensure every young worker in America has access to affordable safety training.

What is CareerSafe online cyber safety awareness training?

The CareerSafe Online Cyber Safety Awareness Training library of courses provides students with the education, awareness, and resources it takes to stay safe while in the digital world. There is a direct relationship between the advancement of technology and a heightened online risk for young, inexperienced youths.

What is the CareerSafe 10-hour online course?

It is a 100% online course that was built with students and teachers in mind. CareerSafe is the only OSHA 10-Hour program that offers online teacher tools for administrators and employers, including a gradebook, student management, and a dozen more. To see it in action, check out the CareerSafe Demo Video below!

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