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Frequently Asked Questions

Does big Lots deliver furniture?

If you have purchased pieces of furniture or other large, bulky items from Big Lots, use the GoShare app to request one or two delivery professionals with a truck or cargo van. They can arrive within the hour. The delivery professionals will handle the loading and unloading.

Does big Lots Furniture come with a warranty?

Does Big Lots Furniture Come With a Warranty? Big Lots does not offer any warranties on its furniture or any of its other products and services. When available, any warranties on products or services come from their manufacturers, suppliers or distributors.

Are big Lots mattresses refurbished?

There's nothing better than a good night's sleep, but you need the right mattress for a great night's sleep! Big Lots carries mattresses that are designed for the ultimate comfort and support to keep you sleeping soundly. Our mattresses are brand new, trusted brands you know and love, plus we now have mattress reviews to help you shop!

Does big Lots sell mattresses?

Recent mattress customers have mixed reviews about comfort with some having good experiences and others mentioning durability problems. Big Lots is a discount retailer that sells a variety of home decor, furniture, and mattresses.

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