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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the meaning of lots?

Definition of lots. : much feeling lots better.

What are the characteristics of the lot?

Characteristics of The Lot Are: Wider Paved Street; All The Utilities In The Street; Street Lighting; Partial Flat Pad In The Front And The Rest A Gentle Downslope; Fantastic Canyon And City Views; Existing Soil Report and Some Plans. Buyer and Their Agent To Do Their Own Investigations And Verify All Aspects And Rely On Their Own Findings.

What is the meaning of'see her lots'?

Used adverbially to mean "to a great degree or extent" or "frequently": felt a lot better; ran lots faster; doesn't go out a whole lot; has seen her lots lately.

How big is an estate lot in Los Feliz?

Estate sized lot on one of Los Feliz's premiere streets. This parcel of more than 13,000 square feet currently has a newly resurfaced championship tennis court and basketball court. Additionally, there is a garage/storage area and a bathroom.

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