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Frequently Asked Questions

What is missense mutation?

A change of one base pair to another in a DNA molecule Definition of Missense Mutation: A point mutation in which a single nucleotide change results in a codon that codes for a different amino acid

What is an example of missense mutations in sickle cell anemia?

missense mutations the new nucleotide gives a new codon which subsequently leads to a new amino acid so ultimately you have a new protein example of missense sickle cell anemia silent mutations the new nucleotide gives a new codon which still codes for the same amino acid so you make the same protein nonsense mutations

What is the difference between a point mutation and silent mutation?

A point mutation changes the identity of a single amino acid Point Mutation A single nitrogen base pair is changed in the DNA sequence Silent Mutation Silent mutations are when the mutation does NOT change the protein

What is a non-conservative missense mutation?

However, when the amino acid substitution involves two amino acids with very different chemical properties, missense mutations can lead to significant changes in protein function. In such cases, they are known as non-conservative missense mutations. What is the difference between a nonsense mutation and a missense mutation?

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