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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best power mods for the BMW N54 135I 335i?

The best bolt-on power mods for the BMW N54 135i 335i and 535i include: 1 Tune 2 Dual Cone Intakes 3 Downpipes 4 FMIC 5 LPFP (for higher E85 mixes) 6 Inlets & Outlets

Should I upgrade my N54 to a larger turbo?

Many N54's run this option with excellent results. Garrett's GTW3884R offers great competition with the option to upgrade to the larger 6765R turbo. Look no further than these two options to push the N54 to its breaking point. Speaking of, we must re-iterate, 700+whp is serious power.

Will a 335i coolant line fit on a 135I?

Please note these do fit both 135i and 335i N54 but the 135i requires the charge pipe and rear turbo return coolant lines converted to a Left Hand Drive 335i (535 and Z4 included). -These will not work with OEM stock inlets.

What size inlet Kit do I need for a 335i?

Aftermarket stock sized or 2" inlet kit is required. Can be installed on 135/535/Z4 if the chargepipe and rear turbo return coolant line (11537558902) is converted to LHD 335i These will not work with OEM stock inlets.

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