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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the BMW N54 engine?

The N54 is part of the NG6 BMW engine family. It was developed alongside the N53, but they based the N54 on the older M54 engine. Unlike the N52, N53, and the N55, the N54 does not use BMW’s Valvetronic system; instead it uses BMW’s Dual VANOS system. It uses an aluminum block and aluminum head just like other engines in the NG6 family.

How much power can the N54 handle?

We have seen N54's break 800+whp on the stock internals - good luck achieving that with a 2JZ. BMW rates the engine at 300hp and 300tq to the crankshaft directly out of the factory. It is widely known that BMW undershoots their power estimates, and this is especially true with the stock N54 putting down roughly 280hp and 290tq to the wheels!

How big are the inlets on a N54?

The stock inlets on the N54 engine get as small as 1" and also flatten out at various points. The small size of the inlets decreases the amount of air fed to the turbos, which results in less turbo boost.

Is the N55 better than the N54?

“Well, maybe an N55 is better”, is likely running through your mind. It definitely did when I was looking for my 135i…but the substantial difference in tune-ability between the N54 and N55 is what brought me back.

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