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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of bullet mold for a 32 special?

This is an old Winchester repeating arms bullet mold for the 32 WCF caliber (32 special) The old mould isn't much to look at as it does have rust all over it. But the cavities look fine with no pitting that I can see and it should make fine bullets.

How many grains is a 32 special bullet?

BULLET MOLD DESIGNED FOR 32 SPECIAL. RIFLE CARTRIDGE This auction is for a rare 319350 mold that casts a plane base.321 dia. bullet of 195 grains. This vintage mold.

Can you cast a 32 20 in a mold?

Winchester bullet mold marked 32 W.C.F. for casting bullets for 32-20 Winchester cartridges. It is a suitable tool for casting bullets for current use as well as being a vintage collectable accessory. This mold is in poor condition except for the mold cavity which is very clean and will cast a good bullet.

What kind of mold is this Lyman 32/20?

This is a Lyman two cavity mold. 311008BV. It is for casting 115 grain lead bullets for the 32/20, according to Lyman. It is in good condition. No rust. Antique Winchester Bullet Mold 32-165 Cal- Model 5 DESCRIPTION: This auction is for an antique bullet mold from Winchester Arms in 32-165 caliber. It is a type 5 model. Manufactured in New Haven.

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