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Frequently Asked Questions

What does caliber stand for?

When you hear various numbers being mentioned related to bullets, the number being referred to is what’s called the bullet’s “caliber”. Caliber is a unit of measurement related to a bullet’s size. Specifically, what’s being described is the bullet’s diameter.

How big is a caliber?

Caliber designation is per 1/100th of an inch. Anything in the 0.220 to 0.229 inch diameter would be a 22 caliber . A 45 caliber would be nominally 0.450″ diameter . I say nominally because the bore of the barrel will be 0.450″ plus the grooves usually 0.007″ over the caliber size.

Where is the caliber on a gun?

The caliber of a gun refers to the diameter of the bullet and the inside of the gun barrel. A firearm's caliber determines how powerful the weapon will be. Caliber is measured in inches or millimeters. Gauge is another measuring term that refers to the caliber of shells for a shotgun.

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