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Frequently Asked Questions

Where was the Edsel made in 1960?

All 1960 Edsels were produced in the Louisville, KY manufacturing plant. (Although a few cars from the Allen Park, MI pilot plant are still in existence) The 1960 Edsel introduced such innovations as horizontal coolant flow through the radiator to improve cooling, and placement of the muffler away from the passenger compartment to reduce heat.

Was the Edsel Edsel Comet wagon a good car?

Angle-mounted they were fine on the Comet sedan. And in the side-view photo, that Comet wagon looks so much more fresh & modern, compared to those Mercury dinosaurs parked in the background! Alas, the entire ’60 Edsel had the lively appeal of a beached whale in its final throes.

How much does a 1960 Edsel ragtop convertible cost?

(At a very rare production total of 76, and prices reaching $47,000 for a mint 1960 Edsel ragtop, it's easy to see why it happens). Don't be fooled - a true Edsel convertible has a correct dataplate solidly riveted to the pillar, a cross-member on the frame, and vehicle ID numbers that match the dataplate, found at various points along the frame.

What happened to the Edsel compact?

Ford had also developed a compact for 1960 but was canceled on November 19th, 1959 when all Edsel production stopped. The Edsel compact that was named the Edsel Comet had the Letters E-D-S-E-L removed. Parts for the first two years of Comet production had Edsel part numbers and no where on those cars did Mercury appear.

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