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Frequently Asked Questions

What was wrong with the Edsel automobile?

The wrong car at the wrong time. One of the external forces working against the Edsel was the onset of an economic recession in late 1957. Compounding Edsel's problems was the fact that the car had to compete with well-established nameplates from the Big Three, such as Pontiac, Oldsmobile, Buick, Dodge and DeSoto,...

Why was the Edsel failed?

The Edsel was supposed to be everything American car buyers wanted; however, it was a terrible flop. Ford started developing the Edsel in 1955, based on polling data from car shoppers - but unfortunately, the company disregarded much of the data from the polls. Ford's marketing department also overpromised on the Edsel.

What was cause of death of Edsel Ford?

Genealogy for Edsel Bryant Ford (1893 Cause of death: Death and legacy. Edsel Ford died due to stomach cancer in 1943 at 'Gaukler Point' in Grosse Pointe.

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