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Frequently Asked Questions

Is a Yukon a truck or SUV?

This large three-row SUV has seating for up to nine passengers and plenty of space for cargo if you fold the third-row seat down. Being a truck-based SUV, the Yukon also boasts robust towing capabilities. The 2022 Yukon faces off against a few direct rivals.

What is the Yukon best known for?

Known for its dramatic landscapes, vast wilderness, and the famous Klondike Gold Rush, the Yukon has been capturing people’s imaginations for years. With four-legged creatures far outnumbering humans, Canada’s tallest mountain peaks, and the world’s largest non-polar glacier, the Yukon is a true paradise for adventurers and outdoor enthusiasts.

How many people live in Yukon?

The Yukon hails its name from the aboriginal word meaning, “Big Stream” and it is this river that runs through the 482,443 km² territory. With a population of fewer than 37,000 people, the unique sub-arctic climate which remains at or below the freezing point for 58% of the year, is a factor that deters many people from moving to the province.

Is Yukon a capital city?

With an area of 474,713 sq. km, Yukon is the smallest and the least populous Canadian territory. Situated on the Yukon River near Miles Canyon is Whitehorse – the capital city of Yukon. It also serves as the largest city in entire Northern Canada.

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