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Frequently Asked Questions

Is FIFA 21 on Xbox Game Pass Ultimate?

On May 6, FIFA 21, the latest installment in the famous soccer game series from EA Sports, will hit the EA Play subscription offer (and, by extension, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate). It will also feature Knockout City next month.

How long is the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate free trial?

That means Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members will also get a chance to take advantage of the trial, which typically lasts for ten hours of playtime, allowing you to decide whether you want to buy it or wait until it hits the EA Play library at some point in 2022. Being a member will also grant players "monthly in-game rewards."

How do I get FIFA 22 with EA Play and Game Pass?

The only way to get both is to buy the £89.99 / $89.99 Ultimate Edition. Will you be downloading the FIFA 22 trial with EA Play and Game Pass Ultimate? Let us know down below.

What are the benefits of EA Play with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate?

Unlock member-only benefits, try out new games for up to 10 hours, and save 10% off EA digital purchases. Enjoy all the benefits of EA Play with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate at no extra cost. Revolutionary new technology translates real-world football data into ultra-realistic gameplay, in every match across every mode on Xbox Series X|S.

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