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Frequently Asked Questions

Can an employer retaliate against you when you file a workers' compensation claim?

Your Rights Retaliation: Workers' Compensation. Filing a workers' compensation claim may subject employees to the risk of retaliation from an employer who does not want to pay the cost. Most states, but not all, have laws that prohibit employers from retaliating against workers who file workers compensation claims.

Are You covered by anti-retaliation laws?

While in some states, you may still have protection against retaliation without formally filing a written claim for workers compensation benefits, the best way to make sure you are covered by anti-retaliation laws is to actually fill out and file the necessary claims documents promptly after you are injured. 6.

When is a worker's compensation claim protected?

However, most state laws are written more broadly. For example, you may be protected when you have claimed or attempted to claim a benefit, made known your intention to file a claim, or even simply suffered a work injury, which is compensable under the workers compensation law.

Can my employer fire me because I brought a workers' compensation claim?

In most states, it is against the law for your employer to fire or otherwise retaliate against you because you brought a workers' compensation claim, depending on the facts of your individual case and whether your state has a law protecting against workers compensation retaliation.

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