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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Connect Bluetooth speakers to Apple TV?

As an aside, you can also pair Bluetooth speakers to the Apple TV. While the majority of people will be interested in the Bluetooth functionality for headphone use, you may find it handy to pair your Apple TV with a Bluetooth speaker if you’re using it for specializes tasks like presenting or backyard projection.

What is the best wireless speaker for a television?

Sonos PLAYBAR is considered one to the best wireless speaker for tv not just because of the quality of the sound, but the fact that it compliments most TV sets out there. This wireless speaker is just handsome,; not exactly the groundbreaking industry design, but is comes with a hefty price tag that most model of its kind.

Will Apple Music work on Apple TV?

Once you’ve subscribed to Apple Music you need to log into your Apple TV using the same Apple ID as used for your Apple Music account in Settings>Accounts. You can then enable the service on your Apple TV in Settings>Apps>Music, where you should turn on iCloud Music Library in order to access all your own music on the system.

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