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Frequently Asked Questions

How to find network properties in Windows 11?

Also, you will find more information about how to find network properties in Windows 11 and how to open the classic network adapters control panel applet in Windows 11. Open the Windows Settings app. You can do that by pressing the Win + I shortcut, using search, or the Start menu. Go to the Network and Internet. Click Advanced Network Settings.

Where can I find the wireless network's properties?

The wireless network's Properties will be listed at the bottom of the Wireless Network Connection page. Properties include information about the wireless network settings, such as the network's name, its service set identifier (SSID), the wireless protocol used in the connection and the security applied to the connection.

How do I find my wireless network settings in Windows 10?

Finding wireless connection details in Windows 10. To find these details, click Start, Settings, Network & Internet, select the Wi-Fi entry on the left list, and then click the Advanced options entry below the last wireless network in the list. The wireless network's Properties are listed at the bottom of the Wireless Network Connection page.

What's new in Windows 11 settings?

Windows 11 contains a brand-new Settings app with an updated design and layout. Apart from visual changes, it also brought some new features and previously missing capabilities, for example, an updated network status page in Windows 11. Now, you can get more information about your Internet connection without switching to the old Control Panel.

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