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Frequently Asked Questions

What is @thewing?

The Wing is a global network of women and other marginalized genders who are connecting to help each other succeed professionally. We offer each other jobs. We share skills and resources.

What is a good general purpose wing?

well, they all have limitations or restrictions making them suitable only for certain tasks. Rectangular Wing: The rectangular wing, sometimes referred to as the “Hershey Bar” wing in reference to the candy bar it resembles, is a good general purpose wing. It can carry a reasonable load and ly at a reasonable speed, but does nothing superbly well.

What is a swept wing?

MUSEUM IN A BOX Swept Wing: The swept wing is the “go to” wing for jet powered aircraft. It needs more forward speed to produce lift than the rectangular wing, but produces much less drag in the process, meaning that the aircraft can ly faster. It also works well at the higher altitudes, which is where most jet aircraft ly.

How has wing design changed over time?

Wing design is constantly evolving. If you were to compare the wing of the Wright Flyer (Img. 1) with that of a modern aircraft, such as the Boeing 787 (Img. 2), the diference is remarkable. The number of lifting surfaces, shape, size and materials used all contribute to an aircraft’s performance.

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