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Frequently Asked Questions

When should I bottle my Wine?

There are several theories about when to bottle but they all speak to the time after the wine is clear. It is always better to rack a couple of times with a months wait in between you get a better end product. Also aging in bulk is much better for the wine than in a bottle. It's kinder to the wine and keeps more of the bouquet intact.

When is my wine ready to bottle?

Time is on your side when making wine. Most wines clear and degas themselves without any intervention from the wine maker if given enough time. Kit wines can be ready to bottle six months or so after fermentation finishes even without clarifiers. This is a long time to wait when it’s your first wine though, I know.

How much does a bottle of wine cost?

Value-driven wines with a bit more diversity, with an average bottle price of $12. Opt for a few $8 to $10 bottles, and you can add in a few $16 to $18 bottles to explore something new too. For the most part, these are bulk-made wines, but that doesnt mean theyre low quality. Around $150 Good-quality wines, with an average bottle price of $15.

How much wine in one wine bottle?

Standard wine bottles contain 750 ml of wine which is 25 fluid ounces. So one 750ml bottle of wine has about three 8 ounce glasses of wine. Is a Half Bottle of Wine Too Much? For most people, half a bottle of wine in a night isn’t too much. This is just 2 glasses of wine. There are some health benefits to drinking wine, but only in moderation.

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