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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I Turn on/off check boxes in Windows 11?

When check boxes is turned on, you can hover the pointer over each item to reveal the check box to check (select) or uncheck (unselect) it. This tutorial will show you how to turn on or off use check boxes to select files, folders, and drives for your user account in Windows 11.

How to enable selection checkboxes in File Explorer on Windows 11?

Inside the File Explorer window, use the ribbon bar at the top to click on View. From the View context menu, expand the Show sub-menu, then click on Item checkboxes to enable the selection checkboxes on Windows 11.

How to use check boxes to select items in Windows 10?

Navigate to the View tab. Select the option “Use check boxes to select items.” Click the “OK” button at the bottom. From now on, when you hover over an item in File Explorer or on the desktop, you will see a checkbox that allows you to select it.

How to select multiple items in Windows 11 File Explorer without keyboard?

If you want to selectively select multiple items in the Windows 11 File Explorer or desktop without a keyboard, then you need to enable “check boxes.” You can do it as follows: Open the File Explorer Options. Follow these steps to perform this task: Open Run by pressing Windows + R, type control folders, and then press Enter.

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