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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Russia still fighting Ukraine?

No. Russia is not fighting against Ukraine. Even if someone is willing to disregard the fact that Russia and Ukraine are closest friends, relatives and allies, and such fighting would not make any sense, let them pay attention to the fact that Ukraine is still there.

Is Ukraine a proxy western-Russia War?

STROBE TALBOTT: In the context of what is happening in Ukraine today, the right way to characterize it is an act of war on the part of the Russian Federation. This means that there is going on in Ukraine today a literal invasion, not by-it's not a proxy war. It's a literal invasion by the Russian armed forces.

What is the war in Ukraine all about?

As Moscow sees things, Russian 'volunteers' are fighting in Ukraine to 'defend' Russian speakers from Kiev's 'fascist junta,' side by side with the armies of the self-proclaimed republics in Lugansk and Donetsk. Over the year and a half that the armed conflict has raged, nearly 8,000 people have died.

Is Russia about to invade Ukraine?

IS Russia About to Invade Ukraine ? Short answer - No . The press has been full of hype this past week about an alleged 'massing' of the Russian army near the Ukrainian border, although the number of troops involved (supposedly about 4,000) is well below that needed for an invasion force. I discuss the issue in a new article for RT, that ...

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