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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the Wikimedia Commons' logo signify?

Both Friedland and Stansifer have assigned copyrights to the logo to the Wikimedia Foundation . Whilst symbolizing a globe the new logo also loosely resembled a typeball as used in some electric typewriters, a former metaphor for the liberation of the process of professional writing.

Are Wikimedia images public domain?

Public domain images are not copyrighted, and copyright law does not restrict their use in any way. Wikipedia pages, including non-English language pages, are hosted on a server in the United States, so U.S. law governs whether a Wikipedia image is in the public domain.

What is Wikimedia website?

The Wikimedia Foundation website (at and previously known as Foundation wiki) is the primary corporate website of the Wikimedia Foundation. Unlike Wikimedia projects, the website is wholly owned, developed, and operated by the Wikimedia Foundation.

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