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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a medium article?

Medium is a place to read articles on the Internet. Medium is a blogging platform, like Wordpress or Blogger. Medium is the new project from the guys who brought you Twitter. Medium is chaotically, arrhythmically produced by a combination of top-notch editors, paid writers, PR flacks, startup bros, and hacks.

What is the definition of medium in English?

Medium is defined as something in the middle or in-between. An example of medium is a shirt that's bigger than small and smaller than large.

What is the definition of medium in literature?

The medium of literature is language; that is, the writer uses words with which to build hin composition. The dancer uses his body to communicate an idea or feeling to his audience. ... Theatrical productions combine several mediums-- the play, which is the literary form; plot which is rendered by the actors & actresses; and props.

What is the definition of medium in science?

The definition of a medium is something that helps an effect to happen, or is a singular form of media. An example of a medium is a metal spoon sitting in a cup of hot tea that is too hot to touch. An example of a medium is a newspaper from the combined media form of newspapers, television, magazines, radio and the Internet.

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