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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the AUT wiki?

Welcome to The A Universal Time Wiki (AUT)! This is a fan driven wiki page for you to get information on the roblox game, The Staff here are not associated with the AUT game itself, the staff are just people that play it. We are also not associated to the developers.

What are some of the most prominent AUT s?

The most prominent aut is Provener, which celebrates the daily winding of the great clock, just before the mid-day meal. It includes a lesson on past theoric accomplishments. Other aut s celebrate milestones in an avout 's life, such as Eliger and Voco, or periodic events such as Apert .

What is AutoCAD AUT?

AUT is somewhat of a PVP simulator and a trading and grinding simulator. The group of the game, Universe Time Studio, the owner of the group, kur_Dev. Art is drawn by SIXER! If you wanna appeal your ban, click on this link and ping any administrators.

What happened to auto-O?

Aut-O was a super tactical droid who commanded a Separatist fleet from his flagship. His fleet was infiltrated by the D-Squad, who stole the Confederacy's encryption module. He was decapitated by R2-D2.

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