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Frequently Asked Questions

Where are Winesap apples grown?

Today Winesap apples are grown as a specialty variety in the Pacific Northwest, Virginia, Georgia, and other regions along with the Eastern United States. Winesap apples are also grown in England, Turkey, France, and Italy. Recipes that include Winesap Apples.

When are apples picked all year round?

However, this does not mean that they are picked all year round. Like other fruits and crops, apple season is when they are ripe and ready to be picked. The apple season is usually from as early as mid-July to December. However, apple season may vary depending on the location because of climate, the cultivar grown, and weather each year.

What are Winesap apples used for?

Winesap apples are most famously used in modern-day cider blends, especially among cideries in Virginia. The heirloom variety is one of thirty apple cultivars grown in Virginia for ciders, and the entire apple is ground into a pulp, also known as pomace, and the juice is fermented to make the savory-sweet beverage.

What do Winesap apples taste like?

“Spicy and crisp with rich aftertaste” sounds like a description of a special wine, but these words are also used about Winesap apples. Growing a Winesap apple tree in the home orchard provides a ready supply of these luscious fruit with their complex sweet-sour taste, perfect for eating off the tree, baking, or juicing.

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