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What animal is Chinese New Year 1969?

Therefore, people born in 1969 Chinese zodiac year are the Earth Rooster. Chinese zodiac follows lunar calendar and there are some differences between lunar and Gregorian calendars. This Chinese year of the Earth Rooster starts from February 17, 1969 to February 5, 1970 in Gregorian calendar. And people who born from January 1 to February 16 in 1969 are the previous Earth Dragon year.

What is the Chinese zodiac sign order?

There are 12 Chinese zodiac signs, in the following order: Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Goat, Monkey, Rooster, Dog, and Pig. Each sign is named after an animal, and each animal has its own unique characteristics.

What are the rooster years Chinese?

Chinese Zodiac Rooster Years. Most recent years of the Rooster are 2017, 2005, 1993, 1981, 1969, 1957 and 1945. People born in a year of the Rooster are called Roosters in China. You have a one in 12 chance of being a Rooster. Rooster years are generally dated by the Chinese lunar calendar (starting at Chinese New Year).

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