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Frequently Asked Questions

What is wineskin?

Definition of wineskin. : a bag that is made from the skin of an animal (such as a goat) and that is used for holding wine.

Why is the skin of the grape so important in wine?

The skin of the grape plays a massively important role in determining all kinds of aspects of a wine. Indeed, if you’re looking to understanding why your wine tastes and feels the way it does, understanding the characteristics brought about by grape skins is a good place to start. Grapes are, as we all surely know, pretty incredible little fruits.

What is skin contact wine?

Ask Adam: What Is Skin-Contact Wine? Skin contact wine is exactly what it sounds like: wine that has come in contact with the skins of grapes. Perhaps less obvious is the “why?” — which is to extract pigments and tannins from the grapes, which will ultimately determine the wine’s appearance, texture, and flavor.

What does skin-contact white wine look like?

Even if the wine in your glass looks closer to straw than apricot in color, the nose and palate of skin-contact whites reveal a very different kind of wine. The aromas are bolder and more intense than if the same grapes were vinified as traditional white wine.

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