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What does blow your whistle mean?

blow the whistle Slang. To expose a wrongdoing in the hope of bringing it to a halt: an attorney who blew the whistle on governmental corruption. Jul 05 2007 21:05:33. New2grammar.

What does the phrase, "wet Your Whistle" mean?

It's documented in English literature written as early as the 14th century in Chaucer's Canterbury Tales that the mouth and throat were often referred to as "the whistle." So to wet the whistle was to quench your thirst or wet your mouth and throat. Either way, the meaning involves drinking or taking a drink.

What is the origin of the phrase 'wet Your Whistle'?

Whistle here means throat or voice and the phrase just means 'take a drink'. You may see it put about that 'wet your whistle' derives from the practice of using a whistle in the taverns of Olde Englande to summon the landlord with more drinks. This is complete tosh.

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