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What actor plays Aquaman?

Jason Momoa appears to have followed Johnny Depp on Instagram amid the actor’s ongoing defamation trial against ex-wife Amber Heard. Momoa stars as Aquaman in the DC franchise opposite Heard, who plays his love interest Mera. The pair will reprise their ...

What is Aquaman real name?

What is Aquaman’s real name?May 1, 2019Arthur Joseph Curry is the second DC Comics superhero to be known as Aquaman.

Why did Jason Momoa and Lisa Bonet break up?

Jason Momoa’s successful acting career reportedly ‘took a toll on his marriage’ to Lisa Bonet. The pair announced they would be ending their relationship earlier this week, after 16 years together and four years of marriage. A source told People magazine that the couple had ‘grown apart’ due to ‘different focuses’.

Who can defeat Aquaman?

Thor clearly has every advantage and in a serious fight would easily outskill aquaman and can KO him with one strike of his hammer or his more powerful lightning or just mjolnir throw. Aquaman can hold his own if Thor holds back but he is not capable of beating Thor in a fight.

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