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Frequently Asked Questions

What is webcrims in New York State?

The best way to think of WEBCRIMS is to think of it as the calendar for the New York Criminal Courts. It contains Supreme Court and Criminal Court cases that are scheduled for a court date in the future. WEBCRIMS is a future appearance system. If a case does not have a future appearance scheduled, it will not usually be on WEBCRIMS.

How do I find a criminal case on webcrims?

You can find the Defendant’s Name YOU CAN FIND THE CRIMINAL CASE NUMBER You can find a Summons Number You can find the next court date You can find the Court a case is in on WEBCRIMS You can find the Court Part a criminal case is in You can find the Judge that is handling a criminal case

What is the difference between web crims and webrims?

“Web Crims provides information on criminal cases with future appearance dates for specified New York State Courts of Criminal Jurisdiction,” according to the Webcrim NY website itself. WEBCRIMS is an ECOURTs/E-COURTS website run by New York State. The Criminal ECOURT Site for New York is WEBCRIMS.

How often does webcrims update future appearance dates?

For the users, all future appearance dates are updated regularly. Webcrims contains information from criminal courts in several cities, including New York City, Suffolk, and Nassau Counties, the County Court in Erie County, the County Courts in the Ninth Judicial District, and the City Court of Buffalo.

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