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Frequently Asked Questions

Can a beautiful woman change a weather forecast?

A beautiful woman can change a rather mundane weather prediction into a fascinating topic. Even when the forecast is for rain or depressing conditions, an attractive meteorologist can make the prediction look like a sunny day.

Who is the world's Sexiest weather girl?

Admired for her nearly perfect figure, Garcia has been labeled "the world's sexiest weather girl." She attributes her beautiful form to years of hard work. She currently works on Televisa Monterrey News. 19 Ximena Cordoba, Colombia

Who is Sonya Hill from the Weather Channel?

Hailing from the Lone Star State, Sonya Hill is as smart as she is pretty. This bilingual weather anchor’s roots are in swimsuits. She competed against 70 other girls from all over the world in the Swimsuit USA International competition. She finished in the top 10, and things started to happen for her.

Who is Televisa Monterrey’s new weather reporter Adriana Pérez?

However, it didn’t talk long for other channels to notice her expertise, so she moved on to Televisa Monterrey, where she replaced Yanet Garcia as the weather reporter. Although she is a talented reporter, it comes as no surprise that she is also a very successful model. She is the complete package: beauty and brains.

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