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Frequently Asked Questions

Where did Mrs Couzens live with her husband?

Mrs Couzens lived with her husband of 15 years and their two children at a semi-detached family home in Deal, Kent where Couzens was later arrested. Couzens pleaded guilty to murder at the Old Bailey on Friday via a video link. He snatched Ms Everard, a 33-year-old marketing executive, when she walked home at night in the streets of south London.

Did Wayne Couzens kill Sarah Everard?

The wife of police officer Wayne Couzens says she is haunted by the fact she failed to spot any signs her husband had raped and killed Sarah Everard. Couzens, 48, who kidnapped, raped, and strangled Ms Everardis facing life in prison after admitting her murder.

Who is Elena Couzens?

His wife Elena Couzens, 38, has given her first interview, revealing she has been constantly asking herself “where did I miss the signs?” and “why?” She told Mail Online: “I keep on asking ‘why?’ What Wayne did wasn’t human behaviour.”

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