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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Wayne Couzens and why was he arrested?

On 9 March, Kent Police arrested Wayne Couzens, a 48-year-old Metropolitan Police constable and firearms officer, at his home in Deal, on suspicion of kidnapping.

Who is Matthew Couzens and what did he do?

In July, Couzens pleaded guilty to the abduction, rape and murder of the 33-year-old marketing executive. At his two-day sentencing hearing, the court was told that Couzens handcuffed his victim before snatching her from a south London street as she walked home after 9pm on March 3.

What happened to Everard Couzens?

Couzens was charged with kidnapping and murder two days later, following identification of the remains as those of Everard. Vigils were held for Everard on the evening of 13 March. The largest vigil, on Clapham Common near where she had disappeared, led to a controversial police response and four arrests for breaches of COVID-19 regulations .

When is Wayne Couzens’ sentencing date?

Couzens is due to be sentenced during a two-day hearing that starts Sept. 29. Wayne Couzens’ lawyer said he “accepts the victims in this case are the Everard family and friends, not him.”

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