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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the FIPS code for Washington State?

Kitsap County, 53035 FIPS Code, Washington Kittitas County, 53037 FIPS Code, Washington Klickitat County, 53039 FIPS Code, Washington Lewis County, 53041 FIPS Code, Washington

What is the FIPS code for Clark County Washington?

Find Washington County FIPS Codes Washington FIPS Codes Adams County, 53001 FIPS Code, Washington Asotin County, 53003 FIPS Code, Washington Benton County, 53005 FIPS Code, Washington Chelan County, 53007 FIPS Code, Washington Clallam County, 53009 FIPS Code, Washington Clark County, 53011 FIPS Code, Washington

What is an example of a FIPS code?

For example, FIPS state codes are unique within nation and FIPS county codes are unique within state. Since counties nest within states, a full county FIPS code identifies both the state and the nesting county. For example, there are 49 counties in the 50 states ending in the digits “001”.

What is a 5-digit FIPS code?

The first two digits in the five-digit county FIPS Code represent the state in which the county is located. For example, the FIPS Code for the state of Utah is “49” so every FIPS Code in the state of Utah will begin with “49”. The next 3 digits of a 5-digit county FIPS Code represents the county. The code Garfield County, Utah is “017”.

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