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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is VT Halter Marine?

VT Halter Marine Inc., Pascagoula, Mississippi, is awarded a $552,654,757 fixed-price incentive modification to previously awarded contract N00024-16-C-2210 to exercise an option for the detail design and construction of the second Coast Guard Polar Security Cutter.

What is the Polar Security Cutter?

The Polar Security Cutter (PSC) programme involves the construction of a series of icebreakers for the US Coast Guard (USCG) to replace its ageing fleet of icebreakers. PSC project resident office (PRO) is located at VT Halter Marine’s Pascagoula shipyard. Credit: Mike Beaty. VT Halter Marine will build the new polar icebreaker.

Where will VT Halter Marine build the new PSCs?

VT Halter Marine will build the new PSCs at its Pascagoula shipyard. The polar security cutters will provide continued access to polar regions and support the transport of goods and personnel required for scientific research, national security and maritime safety missions.

What happened to Halter Marine's Polar Security Cutter?

In anticipation of the work, the yard has expanded its capacity and infrastructure to build the 23,000-ton icebreaker. Halter Marine has faced delays in the design process for the Polar Security Cutter and the shipyard has yet to start production pending design approvals, USNI News understands.

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