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Frequently Asked Questions

Does VR have a future?

With companies such as Facebook being on the edge of virtual reality, the future of VR is both collaborative and web-based.

How much does VR cost?

Simply put: there are only so many companies making small, super high-resolution screens — the kind of screens required to power high-end VR headsets. How much does a VR cost? $499 for the Vive, $599 for the Vive Focus Plus, and $799 for the Vive Pro headset (plus the cost of tracking stations and controllers).

Why is VR the future?

Why VR/AR Is The Future Of Health Care. Aging global population, wars affecting lives of millions of people, economical inequalities between different countries and geographical barriers preventing those who live in remote areas from receiving timely quality care require a drastic change in how we solve the problem.

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