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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I watch vivo?

“ Vivo ,” an animated movie that boasts new music from “Hamilton” creator Lin-Manuel Miranda, is coming to Netflix. The family friendly film was initially scheduled to release in cinemas on June 4. But Sony Pictures, the studio that originally backed “Vivo,” has opted to forgo a theatrical release and instead licensed the project to Netflix.

Where is vivo located?

Vivo is located in Nosara, an amazing surf town famous for its year-round waves. Nosara is also known for its yoga vibe, conscious visitors and “pura vida” locals.

Who plays the monkey in vivo?

Gabi (Ynairaly Simo) doesn’t have a monkey on her back — because Vivo (voiced by Lin-Manuel Miranda) is a kinkajou in the new animated musical “Vivo.” Copy Link URL Copied! Vivo is not a monkey, but a kinkajou, which is not a primate but in the same family as raccoons.

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