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Frequently Asked Questions

When to see satellites?

If you go out and carefully study the sky near dusk or dawn, and you have relatively dark skies, the odds are that you should not have to wait more than 15 minutes before you see one of the more than 35,000 satellites now in orbit around Earth. 

How many satellites are in the night sky?

Surprisingly there are a large portion of manmade satellites that can be seen with the naked eye. Sightings can number up to a hundred in a single night if you have good viewing conditions. To identify a satellite you are looking for a star that looks like it is slowly moving across the night sky.

Are satellites visible at night?

Satellites can be seen quite often at night. The best chance of seeing a satellite speeding over is shortly before the sun rises or sets.

What satellites are overhead?

In the video, SpaceX's Starlink satellites pass overhead like a string of pearls, a brilliant trail of moving lights in the night sky. SpaceX launched the satellites into an initial orbit 273 miles (440 kilometers) above Earth. They are making their way to a final orbit 342 miles (550 km) up.

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