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Frequently Asked Questions

What is API versioning and why does it matter?

Far different than traditional software versioning, API versioning can have complex implications for the products using it downstream. The big version bumps usually indicate a significant milestone in the codebase of the API. It declares a significant change in the requirements of API consumption and implementation.

What are API versions in developer portal?

Developer portal Versions allow you to present groups of related APIs to your developers. You can use versions to handle breaking changes in your API safely. Clients can choose to use your new API version when they're ready, while existing clients continue to use an older version.

How do I add a new version to an existing API?

It is possible to do this using versions in Azure API Management. For more information, see Versions & revisions. In this tutorial, you learn how to: Add a new version to an existing API. Choose a version scheme. Add the version to a product. Browse the developer portal to see the version.

What is a version set in Azure API management?

Azure API Management maintains a resource called a version set, which represents a set of versions for a single logical API. A version set contains the display name of the versioned API and the versioning scheme used to direct requests to specified versions.

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