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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find the VBS3 scripting manual?

This site provides a reference for the SQF scripting commands and functions available to extend the functionality of VBS. For more information about how to write and use scripts, see the VBS3 Scripting Manual in the /docs/PDF/ folder of your VBS3 installation.

What is the latest version of the visualvbs3 administrator manual?

VBS3™ Administrator Manual Version 3.4.7 (last edit: 26 Jan 2015) This manual is protected by Australian and international copyright laws. No part of this manual may be reproduced by any process (electronic or otherwise) without the express prior written permission of Bohemia Interactive Australia Pty Ltd ("BIA").

What kind of computer do I need for VBS3?

System Requirements VBS3 is designed to run on the widest possible range of desktop and laptop computer systems, readily available from many distributors. Most desktop systems sold in the last three years run VBS3, provided a dedicated graphics card is included.

What is VBS3 in Admin mode?

Admin mode allows full access to video, audio and difficulty settings and has a more advanced player setup interface. To start VBS3 in admin mode the command line argument –admin is required (or run the VBS3 Administrator shortcut). For a full list of command line options, please refer to "Command Line Options" on page 132.

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