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Frequently Asked Questions

How to import a module from a file using VBA in Excel?

Import a module from a file using VBA in Microsoft Excel In this article, we will create a macro to import a module to the active workbook. We will be using Filename.bas as a module, which we want to import. Click on the insert button to import the module from Filename.bas to the active workbook.

What is importimport method in VBA?

Import method (VBA Add-In Object Model) Adds a component to a project from a file; returns the newly added component.

How to create a VBA class in Microsoft Word?

Let’s start our journey by creating a new empty VBA Class. To add a new VBA Class go to the menu and select Insert then select Class Module. Alternatively, right-click on any item in your VBA Project and select Class Module like shown below: Classes in VBA are similar to regular VBA modules.

What are VBA class modules and how do they work?

In VBA we have built-in objects such as the Collection, Workbook, Worksheet and so on. The purpose of VBA Class Modules is to allow us to custom build our own objects. Let’s start this post by looking at why we use objects in the first place. *Inheritance is using an existing class to build a new class.

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