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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Basic Cadet Training (BCT)?

The first military experience for new cadets (called "basic cadets") occurs during the six weeks of Basic Cadet Training (BCT), in the summer before their fourth class (freshman) year. During BCT, also known as "beast," cadets learn the fundamentals of military and Academy life under the leadership of a cadre of first and second class cadets.

What is the class of 2023 at the Air Force Academy?

The class of 2023 began with 1159, and ended BCT with approximately 1150. Alumni of the academy are referred to as the Long Blue Line. The Prop and Wings insignia of the Air Service (1918–26), Air Corps (1926–41), and Army Air Forces (1941–47) became the insignia of upperclass cadets at the Air Force Academy beginning with the first class, 1959.

What is basic cadet training like in the Air Force?

Basic Cadet Training is split into two distinct phases: First BCT Military customs and courtesies, the cadet Honor Code, Air Force heritage and room inspections may be new areas of study for most, but all cadets are tested on their knowledge and must demonstrate proficiency in drill, rifle-manual competitions and parades.

When was the first class of USAFA graduated?

The first USAFA class graduated and was commissioned on 3 June 1959. The Vietnam War was the first war in which academy graduates fought and died. As such, it had a profound effect on the development of the character of the academy. Due to the need for more pilots, academy enrollment grew significantly during this time.

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