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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the parts of suspension?

Thus, the suspension system includes springs, shock absorbers and their mountings. The suspension system of a motor vehicle is divided into the rear end suspension and front end suspension. Following are the types of the suspension system used in vehicles: Rigid axle front suspension.

Is there a front suspension diagram for a Chevy truck?

If you need an answer as to why your Chevy truck is having front end problems, then you need to see this Chevy Truck Front Suspension Diagram. The suspension in the front of the truck is very important, and it’s probably the most important component in the front end.

What kind of suspension does a Ford truck have?

Twin I-Beam Suspension System Different types of front suspension, besides coil spring type, are also in use. The twin I-beam construction is another type, used on some models of Ford trucks. Each front wheel is supported at the end by a separate I beam. The ends of the I-beams are attached to the frame by pivots.

What parts do you carry for Peterbilt suspensions?

We carry a full range of suspensions parts for Peterbilt front and rear suspensions. We have pins, U-bolts, shackle kits, shocks, hangers, bolts and bushings. Click part number on the Part List to order online. Please use our contact form or give us a call for any part not listed or if you have any questions.

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