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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Trek isospeed technology?

An IsoSpeed decoupler is Trek's technology to suspend a road or cross bike by decoupling the seat stay from the top tube-those two tubes are traditionally welded or molded together and that's where the seat post attaches. Separating the seat/top tube junction allows a pivot with just enough movement to absorb the hits and smooth out the ride.

Are Trek Bikes any good?

Why Are Trek Bikes So Popular? Trek Bikes Have Some of the Best Framesets. The frameset is the core of any bike, both physically and in terms of performance. ... Better Design Geometry and Overall Feel. ... Built for Performance. ... Popular Appeal. ... Superior Build Quality. ... State of the Art Suspension System. ... The Sky's the Limit for Trek Mountain Bikes! ...

Where are Trek bike manufactured?

Trek of Waterloo, Wisconsin, pioneered carbon fiber frame construction. Specialized bikes are made in Morgan Hill, California and are found in pro pelotons around the world. Other manufacturers include Cannondale of Bedford, Pennsylvania, and Le Mond Bikes of California.

Where is Trek bike headquarters?

Trek bikes are designed and developed at either the world headquarters in Waterloo, Wisconsin, or in the European design facility in the Netherlands. As a company committed to their riders, they are also committed to making the world better, safer, and cleaner, Trek strives to be the best bicycle manufacturer in the world.

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