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Frequently Asked Questions

How does TransferWise make money?

Founded in 2011 by two London based Estonians, the company makes money by charging a fee on every cross-currency money transfer. Other channels of income include a private as well as business account. Furthermore, TransferWise provides a currency exchange API to other banks.

What is transfertransferwise (TRW)?

TransferWise is one of Europe’s and world’s highest valued FinTech startups. Having raised over $772 million to date, the company now transacts over £4 billion every month on its platform. When sending money abroad, traditional banks and money exchange services often charge consumers with various hidden fees.

What are B2B payments?

What are B2B Payments? Business to business (B2B payments) are the transactions/payments made between two companies. These differ from other payment types that include P2P (person to person) and (B2C) business to customer. That’s because additional processes in place make them more complex.

What is the future of B2B payments in 2021?

Person-to-person (P2P) payments are expected to account for $240 billion worth of transactions by 2021. B2B presents an even larger opportunity but the payments industry is lagging behind. For these reasons, a modern business of any type should consider automation and digital payment options.

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