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Frequently Asked Questions

How to become a tourist guide in Sri Lanka?

Shall possess a degree by a university recognized by the University Grants Commission ; Shall possess a certificate of proficiency in the language intends to practice as a Tourist Guide, issued by an institution specified and recognized by the Sri Lanka Institute of Tourist and Hotel Management ;

What is a national tourist guide lecturer?

A national tourist guide lecturer is a person who is duly registered as a national tourist guide lecturer and is therby authorized by Sri Lanka Tourism Development Authority to practice as a tourist guide lecturer anywhere within the island of Sri Lanka. The applicant should be a citizen of Sri Lanka.

Why visit Sri Lanka?

To be recognized as the world’s finest island for memorable, authentic and diverse experiences. To be a high-value destination offering extraordinary experiences that reflect Sri Lanka’s natural and cultural heritage, are socially inclusive and environmentally responsible, and provide economic benefits to communities and the country.

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