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Frequently Asked Questions

How to install Synaptics touchpad driver in Windows 11?

You have multiple ways to download and install the Synaptics touchpad driver in Windows 11. You can download the Synaptics driver from the laptop manufacturer’s website, use the Windows 11 device manager to update the existing driver, or use a third-party driver updating software. I will show all three methods. Follow the one you like.

Why is my Synaptics touchpad not working?

This occurs after the Synaptics driver is downloaded and installed through Windows Updates. Procedure 1: Confirm the Synaptics driver is (or later). Open Device Manager . Scroll down and expand Mice and other pointing devices > Synaptics Touchpad . Right-click on Synaptics Touchpad and select Properties .

How to fix Elan drivers?

For those who are having problem with ELAN drivers, here’s the fix without messing up your keyboard: 1. Let windows update download and install everything. 2. Create a system restore point just in case. 3. Enter Device Manager, disable ELAN Input Device. You can find it under “mice and other pointing devices. 4.

Does Windows 11 have touchpad drivers?

Since Windows 10, the operating system has been pretty good at detecting and installing the latest basic touchpad drivers. Windows 11 is no different. i.e., it can download all the required drivers automatically. That way, you can start using your touchpad right away.

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