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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Tom Flores and what does he do?

Tom Flores began his coaching career after a decade as a quarterback with the Oakland Raiders, Buffalo Bills, and Kanas City Chiefs (1960-69). He had stints as an assistant with the Buffalo Bills and then with the Raiders under Hall of Fame Coach John Madden winning Super Bowl XI.

Is former Raiders coach Tom Flores a Hall of Famer?

When the Pro Football Hall of Fame announced an expanded class in 2020, former Raiders coach Tom Flores thought that was his ticket to Canton. Although Flores had been passed over before, as a two-time Super Bowl winner, he thought he’d make it with more spots available this year.

Was Flores snubbed by the Hall of Fame?

That gave the Hall of Fame a perfect opportunity to get some publicity with President David Baker making the announcement live on the air during playoff games, but it also served as a dagger to the heart of Flores. Flores told ESPN he was “ kind of disgusted ” by the manner in which he was snubbed.

Who was in the Pro Football Hall of Fame class of 2021?

Listen to Hall of Fame inductee and former Pittsburgh Steelers guard Alan Faneca's full speech at the Pro Football HOF Class of 2021 enshrinement ceremony. Pro Football Hall of Fame defensive back Charles Woodson is presented by his mother Georgia Woodson during the 2021 HOF enshrinement ceremony.

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