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Frequently Asked Questions

Where are the better seats in a theatre?

How to Find the Best Seats in a Theater Orchestra. People assume that center orchestra seats are the only good ones, but it depends on how deep the orchestra is and how far back you are. Mezzanine. "Mezzanine" is a somewhat deceptive term. ... Balcony. Only a few Broadway theaters actually have balconies per se. ... Box Seats. ... On-Stage. ... Rush Seats and Standing Room. ...

Where are the best seats in a movie theater?

The very best seats in a theatre are often in the central orchestra between rows five and 12. Anything further back and you may face reduced sight lines due to an overhanging mezzanine or balcony.

How many seats in a theatre?

A theater has 32 rows consisting of a total of 2160 seats with an increasing number of seats in each row following in arithmetic sequence.

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